PDA Outreach Coordinator Steph Sterner regarding PDA's endorsement says "After working on the ground with Shaun for the past year and a half we've came to known her as a passionate and vigorous champion of progressive causes. This woman has fought for Medicaid expansion,phone banked for women's reproductive rights,openly opposed ACP pipelines and any attack on mother earth's natural resources. Together we canvassed for the progressive candidates we backed in 2017 and also created the "Rise and Resist PAC" funded by volunteering "in kind" donations of peoples time ,and not their money,ran clothing drives for our destitute and homeless,worked with bussiness leaders to create jobs and fought to bring electric bill prices down. She's been there in the trenches with some of the poorest members- to teachers of elementary students and truck drivers-working everyday to ensure economic prosperity to everyone ,regardless of where you work or how much you make.

Hit recently with slanderous mud and sticks by the media and sadly our own party (Democrats) her drive hasn't ceased nor her love of the families who make our 2nd congressional great. Unscathed and unphased she still gets up every morning-scanning the latest local news and planning her next community engagement town hall. It doesn't matter what is being said about her,she continually pushes for adequate funding for public schools,better roads for everyday citizens,flood mitigation ,and ensuring green and tech industry job creation. These are the only distractions worth her time. Selflessly she works for you regardless of any hurdles in her life.And because she been enacting change since the 80's and working closely with PDA since it's local chapter's inception we've decided to endorse her. From this day forward we will helping Shaun Brown in any way that we can. We invite you to do the same."