Shaun Brown for Congress

An International Outlook

Shaun Brown is a “penny pinching” economist, management consultant, small business owner who spends everyday fighting as a champion for voters in Virginia who are tired of politics . She understands that we need to send a fighter to Congress. As the Democratic nominee for Virginia’s 2nd Congressional District in 2016, Shaun is ready to put her business experience and academic achievements to work for all Virginians.

She joined the social justice movement on the day that a tragic event interrupted her hopscotch game on her grandmother’s sidewalk in Newport News. Surprised by what she saw on TV, her grandmother simply said “remember he said he may not get there with us.” On the day of Martin Luther King’s assassination as a kid her political consciousness was formed when she recognized that she was apart of the “us” that Martin Luther King spoke about in the movement.

A native of the Virginia, Shaun was born in Newport News, attended Booker T. Washington Elementary School and graduated from Hampton High School. She is a proud Crabba.


At Hampton High, at 14, Shaun wrote radio commercials for her father’s restaurant and night club named after her and pushed student rights as the editor of the high school paper.

She says she was appalled to learn that one man one vote did not exist in a place called South Africa. That would change soon. Her discontent turned into activism.

At 18 at Brown University she became the first African American study body president. As the first female and youngest student body President at Brown, she was asked by the trade unions and students at Yale and in London to stand on the frontline of the Anti Apartheid and divestiture movement in this country. She did. It took the marches, rallies, protests to get Brown to divest and me being placed on South Africa’s blacklist at that time. She was not allowed to enter the country. We won. Along the way she had an opportunity to speech at the United Nations and meet the leaders around the world and had this conversation with her South Africa friends at before she graduated from the London School of Economic who would sometimes say that they did not know that I were oppressed until coming here to London.


View PDF, by United Nations, American Committee on Africa

New York, New York , Late October 1979

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People's Front for the Liberation of Southern Africa
Southern Africa Solidarity Committee (University of Minnesota)
Williams Anti-Apartheid Coalition
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Coverage outside Africa: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Language: English

The report consists primarily of a large section of an October 19, 1979 press release issued by the United Nations about a Consultation with Students by the Special Committee Against Apartheid. The document includes summaries of statements by Pat Baker, Toronto Committee for the Liberation of Southern Africa (TCLSA); Linda Miller, National Union of Students of the United Kingdom; Josh Nessen, American Committee on Africa (ACOA); Karen Lopilato, University of California at Berkeley; Bruce Bowers, University of Oregon; Rosita Fernandez-Rojo, Hampshire College; Maggie Kaiser, University of Minnesota, Southern Africa Solidarity Committee; Makusha Mugabe, Oberlin College; Lisimba Tafirenyka, University of Tennessee; Terri-Ann Lowenthal, Cornell University; Lee Cokorinos, Columbia University; Shaun Brown, Brown University; Steward Massad, Williams College; Natalie Byfield, Princeton University; Elizabeth Biddle, Amherst College; Mark Oppenheim, Brandeis University; Seth Frazier, Haverford and Bryn Mawr Colleges; and Adhimu Changa, New Jersey Coalition of Black Students. The document also includes summaries of statements made by Serge Elie Charles (Haiti), Vice-Chairman of the Special Committee against Apartheid, and B. Akporode Clark (Nigeria), Chairman of the Special Committee against Apartheid. [Note: The document was published by the American Committee on Africa. The full name of the Peoples Front at Princeton University is People's Front for the Liberation of Southern Africa.]

This item was digitized for Aluka, which made it available to the African Activist Archive. See:, Used by permission of Africa Action (successor to the American Committee on Africa)., Collection: Africa Action Archive

At Oxford University on the day she graduated I picked up a book on the High Street. It said the purpose of education is to know when someone is making a fool out of you.

But it was in college where Shaun’s family’s entrepreneurial spirit first took root in her. She founded a successful ice cream truck business to help pay her way through school, a modest start that ultimately led to her formation of a global export management firm, representing American business interests in such diverse places as The Gambia, Belarus, Russia, Venezuela and Colombia.

It’s this background that has given her a broad perspective on the challenges that Virginia and the rest of the nation face today in a rapidly-changing economic environment. She understands that we’re all in this together, that we can protect Social Security and Medicare, and at the same time, maintain a strong military, promote energy independence and support our Veterans at a cost that will not be a burden on the middle class. As a Democrat and long-time community activist,, political super volunteer, Shaun knows Hampton Roads and the Eastern Shore through-and-through and will bring meaningful, progressive change to Congress and the United States House of Representatives.

As a trained economist, she understands her role as the chief economic development officer for the 2nd District and has a solid platform that addresses our challenges. She is asking for your vote because she’s running to level the playing field for everyone to get into the winner’s circle but especially those that stand in the shadow of the American Dream, our veterans, seniors and children. It’s a race and fight that you can believe in. It’s time to blow the whistle and sound the alarm to start the race for legislation supporting equality for all, local prosperity and a foreign policy worthy of the scarifies of our military and veterans.

Her legislative focus will include joining the Progressive House Caucus and working with the House caucuses on Municipal Finance, Congressional Artificial Intelligence (AI) Caucus, Congressional Caucus for Effective Foreign Assistance, Congressional Public Transportation Caucus, Elder Abuse Caucus, Congressional Infrastructure Caucus., Congressional Ports Opportunity, Renewal, Trade, and Security [P.O.R.T.S.] Caucus, Congressional Unmanned Systems Caucus, Voting Rights caucus, Congressional Veterans Jobs Caucus. and Historic Preservation Caucus to address the bi-partisan legislation reverses changes to the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) introduced by the Bigger-Waters Flood Insurance Reform Act of 2012, including preventing flood insurance rates from skyrocketing and requiring that the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) address affordability issues before any flood insurance premiums can be raised.

Shaun knows that our current economic recovery is simply not sustainable if it doesn’t include everyone. Listening to her mother the teacher, father the restaurant owner, uncle who bucked the army tradition since the 1800s and went into the Navy later to be a hidden figure at NASA, uncle who helped form the longshoreman in Newport News, uncle said major in Economics in college, her teachers and professors at Hampton High, Brown University, London School of Economics, St. Hilda's College Oxford, her ice cream truck customers, joint venture overseas partners and leaders of foreign nations, family Native American and Britain’s Jamestown Nicolas Derring in 1623 , descendants, she knows that a rising tide can lift all boats but we must make sure that no one is left behind. It was said in her 2016 that she was the "catalyst for change".

Local Roots

 In this 2018 race, she is not only the catalyst for change but she is the candidate with as she says a “fair share deal” and now her campaign slogan isn’t just a feel-good sentiment. It’s about fighting for you. “It‘s all a shorthand expression of the lessons she has learned as an economist and entrepreneur. We can truly prosper only when we “Rise And Fight Together.” Shaun says it’s hard to separate her business career, community activism and political commitment in fighting for the 2nd District, that they’re all a deeply-ingrained part of who she is and what she stands for. “It is simply a means to an end in leveling the playing field, which you may expect the economist, business owner, and community leader in her to say.” Join Us and Win Together.  Shaun is dedicating her race to Shirley Chisholm and will be the first African American woman elected to Congress from Virginia.