Last year in Accomack County, Northampton County, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Hampton, Poquoson, York County, Williamsburg and James City County, the world was watching and we rose to elect democrats taking the resistance to Richmond. It was a moment in time. But the world is still watching Virginia.

Let us finish the fight now in 2018, take the House of Representatives and not forget or disappoint the children who will walk in to school everyday on free and reduced lunch, the seniors who choose between medication and food, the students with college debt who feel they must choose between the military and Isis , selling drugs or selling guns, real paying full time jobs or seasonal work, indoor plumbing or buying a car to get to the second job, the unemployed who have no hope or healthcare, those who want to join a union, our homeless vets , the environment we must save, flooding and climate change we must address, our small businesses that need just a little help from Washington, our military that needs a champion for that next and then next cutting edge technology because they are all counting us. For them we must finish the race .

It’s a race to level the playing field for us the 99% so that everyone has a fair share. We are supporting Shaun Brown for Congress because she has an income equality platform and a Fair Share Deal. In 2016 as the Democratic nominee for the 2nd Congressional District, she asked us to Rise Together. In 2017 she asked us to Fight Together. Today, Tried, Tested and Fighting for you, she says Together We Can Win.

Movement To Elect Shaun Brown To Congress